Che Buona Pasqua…In Italia!

Happy Easter, Joyeuses PΓ’ques, and in Italian..Buona Pasqua! We decided to head out of Monaco today and enjoy the holiday in San Remo. Actually, I am totally lying; we didn’t really think much of the fact that it was Easter, and needed to go to Ventimiglia to buy some soil for the balcony flowers (its much cheaper than in France). After our mission was completed, Ediz suggested we continue on and have a nice lunch “somewhere in Italy”. Although that might sound vague, the only really worthwhile place to go is San Remo. Ventimiglia is great for cheap shopping and plants, but for a good Italian meal (or cappuccino), one must go a bit further.

Porto Vecchio, The Old Port

We took the scenic sea road, and enjoyed the warm sun shining down as we rolled down the roof of the car. Rather than wear my sunglasses (I have been getting an unattractive white band on the sides of my face) I took the straw hat we bought in Turkey, and it shaded the face quite comfortably. Usually when we drive with the top down I end up with a burned forehead and (like I said) the dreaded white band. Anyways, I am straying from the subject…We arrived in San Remo around 1:30, just in time for lunch at our favorite pizzeria. I say “favorite”, but actually we have only been there once, but then again we are quite the creatures of habit. If it was good before, then it will surely be good again, right? Their claim to fame is their “Verace Pizza Napolitiano”, or “Real Napolitan Pizza”, and yes, it is completely true to the last piece of crust. As we were eating lunch, we kept seeing these fantastic bicycle chariots seating 2 or 4 people cruising down the sidewalk. Once I rented one with my family in California (although that was a 7-seater, with my Grandma in the back for the free ride!) and it was great fun.. I convinced Ediz to have a go, at least for 1/2 an hour.

Our lunch spot...

We found the rental place and were soon pedaling away on the bike path running along the water. We were alongside other chariots, single bikes, cruisers, roller- bladers, skateboarders, and pedestrians. It was quite the highway! I was “driving” which perhaps wasn’t the greatest idea because I kept getting distracted by the views and nearly colliding with other people or brick walls. Turns out that the path went much farther than we had thought. Stretching along the coast, we continued much longer than our planned 1/2 hour. For some reason, our pace was pretty pathetic, and we kept being taken over by the other cyclists. Even the bambini and the old women were passing us! On the way back I realized it was mainly because Ediz had hardly been pedaling at all, what a cheater! We had some good laughs, especially when the cyclists who had whizzed by us had a little accident and we calmly waddled past them: Slow and steady wins the race! Another amusing group was a family in a 4-seater, complete with both parents, three kids, and a Jack Russel in the front. Our dog at home, Mojito, is also a Jack Russel, so I have a particular fancy when I see them around. We trailed them for a bit (they were keeping about the same slow steady pace as us), until at one point they slammed on the brakes. As we passed them, I saw the poor little dog had fallen through the bars of the front, and was hanging just suspended above the pavement! They were trying to untangle the leash while he was patiently waiting. It was hilariously funny. After that, they trailed us for the remainder of the trip. Every so often I would look back and see the smiling face of Mojito leading the crew. We felt quite a camaraderie with them, since they were the only ones going as slow as we were…

Concentrated Driver...

One hour later, we pulled up back at the rental place. As I dismounted, my legs turned to Jell-o. We had been riding a full hour, but it had passed so quickly! Somehow when I go to work out on a stationary bike I cannot stay longer than 10 minutes…In this case, though, the view was so spectacular, and we were chatting and laughing the entire way. We planned to come back again and this time rent it for the day. Like this, we could take a picnic out by the water and spend the afternoon there.

Ediz's Banana Split...Complete with Strawberry, Coconut and Vanilla Gelato

San Remo was bustling, everyone was out in the cafes by the Old Port, eating gelato and drinking cappuccino. It seems that in Italy they always do everything with tutti la famiglia. Kids, grandparents, and even dogs. No one gets left out of the Sunday outing. We sat down in one cafe (also the same one we had been to before…) and Ediz ordered a Banana Split. I had my cappuccino, and spent most of the time taking pictures of it. I had just discovered a new setting on my iPhone application that allows for blur and focus, and couldn’t get enough of it (as you can see here!) One last walk around the port (Ediz always wants to check his dream boats) and we piled back into the Smart to head home.

My delicious Lavazza Cappuccino

Now we are back, he is on the balcony organizing all the flowers and herbs, and soon I will put our Sunday Chicken in the oven…Ahhh, La Dolce Vita!

Here are some more shots of People/Places/Things in San Remo…Not bad for iPhone:

2 thoughts on “Che Buona Pasqua…In Italia!

  1. Ah, I loved that one…it reminded me of the 6 months I spent in Menton, during college, in the spring of 1976, I believe. I should of ventured more westerly into Italy, I think I only went once when my parents came to retrieve me. I was all set to stay in Monaco and sell ice cream on the streets for the summer. My parents weren’t very thrilled with that plan.

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